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HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action...More.

Our programs address:

Tobacco Control

Improving and initiating tobacco control

policy development and implementation…


Livable Cities

Promoting sound urban design that promotes

health, gender equity, poverty reduction and a cleaner environment… more

Gender,Reproductive Health,HIV & AIDS

Improving gender equality and protecting

vulnerable people in their reproductive life

cycle and sexuality… more


Increasing access to and use of tools that protect vulnerable people from malaria…


Food & Nutrition

Combating hunger and malnutrition and

improving food security… more

Malaria Food and Nutrition Gender, Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS Tobacco Control Livable Cities




Pakur Mother and Child Survival Project

Moving Dangerously, Moving Pleasurably: Improving Walkability in Dhaka: Using a BRT Walkability Strategy to Make Dhaka’s Transportation Infrastructure Pedestrian-Friendly. Summary Report

Issue 2

NCD and Poverty Research Network newsletter: Saving markets in Vietnam


India needs to use its development programs to fight NCDs.

An interview with HealthBridge India's Shoba John.

Walkability and quality of life for garment factory workers in Bangladesh: See Here

HealthBridge receives Grand Challenges Canada grant:

Watch a video about our Tanzania-based project,

Diagnosing Fevers Better

Read the press release

HealthBridge Executive Director Sian Fitzgerald interviewed on CBC-TV's The National on May 27 about Maternal and Child Health

Video Here

Global Tobacco Control and NCD Prevention - Report of a meeting on sharing experiences on controlling tobacco use and other NCD risk factors, February 2014.

Board Member Emeritus

C.W.L. (Bill) Jeanes


We are sorry to report that HB Board Member Emeritus, Bill Jeanes, passed away on July 1. A founding Member of PATH Canada, which became HealthBridge in 2006, Bill was active on our Board for more than 30 years. Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Mainstreaming noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) into India’s Development Programmes: A Preliminary Assessement