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HealthBridge works with partners world-wide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action...More.

Our programs address:

Tobacco Control

Improving and initiating tobacco control

policy development and implementation…


Livable Cities

Promoting sound urban design that promotes

health, gender equity, poverty reduction and a cleaner environment… more

Gender,Reproductive Health,HIV & AIDS

Improving gender equality and protecting

vulnerable people in their reproductive life

cycle and sexuality… more


Increasing access to and use of tools that protect vulnerable people from malaria…


Food & Nutrition

Combating hunger and malnutrition and

improving food security… more

Malaria Food and Nutrition Gender, Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS Tobacco Control Livable Cities




Two Livable Cities articles of interest can be found in Carfree Times, Issue 71, 29 Sep 2013.

· How cars squash livability: A South Asian example.

  By Debra Efroymson, HealthBridge

· Cycling to Life. By Jinu Varghese, ESAF

Canadian Tobacco Control Conference through different lenses

About 400 people attended Canada’s National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTH), the biennial meeting for those working in tobacco control, held in Ottawa from 25 to 27 November.  Read More

Livable Cities Newsletter December 2013 Issue 9


Biodiversity’s contribution to dietary diversity: Magnitude, meaning and measurement

- Peter R. Berti And Andrew D. Jones

Pakur Mother and Child Survival Project

The community case management of pneumonia in Africa: a review of the evidence - Thomas Druetz; Kendra Siekmans; Sylvie Goossens; Valery Ridde; Slim Haddad

Building Neighborhood Playgrounds: Lessons from the Field.

Media Coverage of Junk Food and its Content Analysis on Selected Nepali and Indian Television Channels

Moving Dangerously, Moving Pleasurably: Improving Walkability in Dhaka: Using a BRT Walkability Strategy to Make Dhaka’s Transportation Infrastructure Pedestrian-Friendly. Summary Report